The Game

The transplant center is very busy...more patients keep showing up all the time.  Without you, the Doctor won't be able to save their lives.  Help find an organ match for each patient, then prepare for surgery by untangling the IV tube.  Once the patient is ready, you need to give the Doctor a hand in the operating room; he needs your keen eyes to make sure he has the right surgical instruments.


Waiting Room

The first thing you'll see is the waiting room. Tap on a patient to get started.  The Doctor will tell you what type of transplant the patient needs.  Your job is to find a matching pair of organs. The patient can't go to surgery until you are successful!  But be careful - if the timer runs out you have to start over.  

Match it!

Tap each cooler to reveal the organ inside. You can only uncover two at a time.  Each time you make a match, you get more time.  Be careful, because each mistake will cost you.  As soon as you find two of the necessary organs, you can help Dr. Transplant prepare the patient for surgery.

Connect it!

To help the Doctor get ready for surgery, you first need to connect the IV line.  The Doctor needs your help to untangle the line!  Tap each tile to rotate it into the correct position.

Pick it!

The Doctor needs your help doing the transplant.  Hand him the tools he needs by dragging the right one from the tray to the silhouette.