The Doctor needs your help, Stat!

The Doctor needs your help, Stat!

The transplant center where Dr. Transplant works is very busy....more patients keep showing up all the time. Without you, the Doctor won't be able to save their lives. Help find an organ match for each patient, prepare for surgery, and give the Doctor a hand in the operating room.

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Dr. Transplant is free to play. Compatible with: iPhone 5s, 5c, and the new iPhone 6 and 6+ Also: iPod Touch 5, iPad 2 or higher

Players make a difference!

Everyone who plays Dr. Transplant helps save virtual lives! Every time you save a patient in the game, you contribute to the worldwide count. The real waiting list has over 122.000 people in the US. Let's help Dr. Transplant reach that number to show the world the importance of registering to be an organ donor. Dt Global Lives


Register as an organ, tissue and eye donor today! If you haven't registered at your local Division of Motor Vehicles, you can go to your state registry website right now!

There are over 130,00 people on the waiting list for an organ transplant in the US.  Many people who need a transplant never get one.  By registering today as an organ and tissue donor, you are making a commitment to help others.  Learn more about what organs can be donated, how people can be helped through tissue and cornea donation.  You will find answers to the most common questions about organ donation and transplantation.